Myanmar Maids

1 Assist Agency is one of the best Myanmar Maid agency in Singapore. We have many Myanmar Maids for employers to select and choose. They come from different parts of Myanmar, such as Kachin State, Kayin State, Shan State, Yangon Region, Sagaing Region and many other parts.

When Employers plan to hire Myanmar Maids, they would prefer the dietary of them where they can handle and eat pork. Most of the Myanmar Maids are Christian or Buddhist and they do not have any dietary restrictions.

Myanmar Maids also are trained in handling children and elderly care at the training centre. They are taught the important aspects when they deal with different groups of people. The Myanmar maids are also trained in the basics of housework and cooking. They are also brief of the work job scope in Singapore and more training will be focused on that aspects.

In General, most Maids from here  whom had worked in Singapore before can speak and understand simple English. These Experienced Maids are able to travel around Singapore independently to handle task like grocery shopping as well as sending/fetching children to school.

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