Maid’s Nationality

Our Maid Agency offers professional and reliable domestic helpers from Indonesia, Myanmar, and Philippines. With a diverse selection of fresh/experienced maids, we cater to your specific household needs. Rest assured, our screened and trained maids will provide top-notch services, ensuring a clean and harmonious home environment.




Why 1 Assist Agency?

1 Assist Agency is a premier maid service agency that stands out for several compelling reasons. With a strong commitment to excellence, reliability, and customer satisfaction, the agency has gained a reputation as a top choice for individuals and families seeking professional domestic assistance.

Own Training Centre

While the maids are awaiting for interview and deployment in their Source Country , they stay at the training centre to be trained on both the household skills and basic elderly/children care. They are also taught basic English to facilitate communication with their overseas employment.

Abundant BioDatas

The many years of operation in this industy had enabled us to have good working relationship with good Suppliers which would enable them to provide a constant supply to our demand in Singapore throughout the year.

Agency for Intergrated Care (AIC) Partnership

Our Partnership with AIC ensures that the selected Maids would go through the specific Elderly care training suited for your Seniors at your home.

Infant Care Training with Accreditated Training Provider

With Partnership with Accreditated Training Providers, we would be able to arrange Specific Infant Care training for your helpers before deployment to your household. Thie would be as per request basis.

Transparent Pricing

All hiring cost and maid loans are made known to Employers before they Sign and confirm the Maids. There will not be any Hidden charges after the maid has been confirmed.

Why 1 Assit Agency?

1 Assist Agency is a premier maid service agency that stands out for several compelling reasons. With a strong commitment to excellence, reliability, and customer satisfaction, the agency has gained a reputation as a top choice for individuals and families seeking professional domestic assistance.

Own Training Centre

Elevate the concept of domestic assistance with “Why 1 Assist Agency”. Our unique training center focuses on empowering domestic helpers through a holistic curriculum covering household tasks, communication, and cultural understanding. By nurturing their skills, we guarantee adept and confident professionals. Our agency redefines placement, using advanced compatibility algorithms to ensure the perfect fit between families and helpers. This personalized approach establishes harmonious homes and lasting relationships. With “Why 1 Assist Agency”, you’re not just hiring help, you’re gaining a dedicated partner in maintaining your household’s well-being. Experience excellence in assistance, redefining domestic support one match at a time.

Abundant BloDatas

Our innovative maid agency combines Abundant BloDatas’ extensive experience in data-driven solutions with 1 Assist Agency’s commitment to exceptional domestic placements. We utilize cutting-edge technology to match families with skilled helpers, ensuring a harmonious fit based on preferences and requirements. Our approach revolves around abundant data resources, offering a refined selection process that leads to more successful, long-term relationships between families and helpers. Experience the future of domestic assistance with Abundant BloDatas and 1 Assist Agency, where excellence and compatibility meet seamlessly.

Agency for intergrated core proffession

Experience the future of domestic staffing with our integrated core professional maid agency. We redefine expectations by combining advanced skills training with a deep understanding of household dynamics. Our meticulous selection process identifies candidates who possess not only exceptional domestic expertise but also core professional skills. From healthcare to education, our candidates offer diverse proficiencies, elevating the support they provide. We bridge the gap between traditional domestic assistance and specialized professions, ensuring seamless integration into your household. Elevate your home with our forward-thinking approach, where skill, professionalism, and holistic support converge to create a truly exceptional domestic experience.

Infart Care Accreditation Propar Training

The forefront of excellence in domestic support. Our propar training through the maid agency offers a comprehensive curriculum merging essential caregiving skills with infart-specific expertise. Elevate your home’s care standards with caregivers adept in handling critical situations. Our accreditation program ensures caregivers possess vital life-saving skills while offering personalized attention. Trust in our meticulously trained caregivers who excel not just in routine assistance but also in urgent medical care. Choose peace of mind with Infart Care Accreditation, where compassionate caregiving meets professional preparedness, setting new benchmarks in home support and safety.

Transparent Pricing

Experience a new era of clarity and trust with our transparent pricing model at the maid agency. We believe in open communication, providing you with upfront and detailed pricing information. No hidden costs, no surprises. Our commitment to transparency ensures that you can make informed decisions without the worry of unexpected charges. We value your peace of mind and aim to build a lasting partnership based on honesty and integrity. Choose our maid agency for a seamless experience where transparent pricing sets the foundation for a reliable and trustworthy domestic assistance solution, creating a harmonious home environment with no room for uncertainty.

Our Accreditation

Your trusted maid agency. Our accreditation ensures excellence, matching families with skilled helpers for exceptional home support.

Employers Feedback

Our customers love the impeccable cleaning and friendly service provided by 1 Assist Agency Maid Service. Highly recommended

Thank you Cloey for your superb service. I contacted few agencies but their replies are always slow until I meet Cloey. She able to answer my questions anytime. We are so happy to find a suitable helper too.

I have researched for a number of agencies and even interviewed the maids from all over SG agencies. But I am impressed with the service and speed of delivery from Christina at 1 Assist Agency, thanks! She is from Myanmar and I got myself a fresh Myanmar maid because of budget and the driven to work in SG is strong after seeing the videos sent over to me and interviewed her personally on videocall too. So after a month with my maid, she is learning fast such as cooking, cleaning and from not speaking English and Chinese to able to converse 2 words or more to form a sentence. She take time to adjust like anybody else but we make her feel like home as much as possible. Therefore, keep up the good work at 1 Assist Agency!

1 Assist Agency is very helpful to me to search the right helper to take care of my father. Yann Fang the staff is very patience to explain to me on the process and advice me along the process (it the first time I hire a helper) . Very thankful for her help.

The agent name Nicole was able to recommend a suitable helper for us base on our expectations. Whenever we face with difficulties she will help to clarify with the helper with us. Great service !

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